A former alcoholic showed how things have changed in 3 years without a drink

37-year-old American shared the story of his miraculous deliverance from alcohol addiction, and reinforced her amazing images. Photos taken by a man for three years, show how he step by step became a different man in every sense of the word.

Kenny Dee, working as an engineer in America’s Pacific Northwest, he began to drink in College. The hobby guy alcohol quickly began to go the limit: he drank 12 to 14 drinks a day, suffered from memory lapses and was slowly sinking to the bottom.


In the end, Kenny came to the conclusion that more can not continue and took the first step to recovery: sign up “alcoholics Anonymous”. Like other members of the group, the man received tokens for the days spent without a drink, in a reminder of his work and began to be photographed with them.

“I did my first photo a day when I got the first badge: 24 hours without alcohol. — tells Kenny — I felt terrible and looked even worse. I wanted to forever remember this moment.”


“Then I got a badge for 30 days without alcohol. It seemed to me that I’ve changed — so I made another selfie”.


So a new tradition: get the token and make a new photo. Soon, the man realized that “incredible changes” that happened to him 30 days was only the beginning.


Every the things went better: Kenny not only lost weight, but began to look much happier.

“Before I could not drink, not getting drunk. — Kenny remembers is the biggest difference between who I was three years ago, and who I am now that I have learned to live according to certain spiritual principles.”


“I try to make every effort to not be angry and do not accumulate negative <…>, and if I have problems, can not cope alone, I’m calling my mentor [of AA] or another recovering alcoholic. There is always someone who will come to the rescue. I just need to ask.”


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