Residents of Texas complained about the emergence of bipedal dinosaurs

Representatives of the scientific world announced that in the vicinity of the U.S. state of Texas began to notice the things that have a direct resemblance to bipedal dinosaurs. One such incident Dating back to 6 years ago.

Also quite common was the appearance of pterosaurs. According to a local resident, during a journey along one of the highways in front of him suddenly appeared a creature that moved on two hind legs. This publication reports League news Russia.

A preliminary description indicates that the creature was a smaller copy of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Eight months later the incident was repeated, but in the court of the American. Notice these two-legged reptiles managed by the characteristic chirping. The third evidence comes from a person living 18 miles East of Hebbronville near the city of Falfurrias.

Lizards, again, ran close to the road. Their growth did not exceed 1 m, the head was large, and the tail is long and thick. Absolutely all of the descriptions of the witnesses converged.

It was noted earlier that the Sakhalin fishermen were able to catch a prehistoric lizard. The distinguishing attribute being the presence of tusks. Thus it was possible to prove the existence of a dinosaur hiding in the depths of the Pacific.

Add that to the Swiss Jura mountain concealed the remains of turtles, which crushed the huge dinosaurs. The above incident happened 150 million years ago. Responsible for the death of the turtle was a dinosaur sauropods.


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