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Hardwork Istanbul network Ethereum will be on December 4

Hardrock Istanbul will be held December 4, at block 9069000. The upgrade, among other improvements, is intended to enhance the compatibility of the Ethereum cryptocurrency zcash for; activation ProgPoW transferred to the next year.

Date has been confirmed by the developer of Ethereum Peter Silage Thursday, November 7. In his Twitter he wrote about the release of the client Geth v1.9.7, which will allow you to activate hardwork:

Istanbul is the latest hardforum before phased deployment of blockchain Ethereum 2.0 next year.

Controversial in the update was a suggestion to improve Ethereum (ethereum improvement proposal, EIP) 1884, which increases the cost of call data from the blockchain for decentralized applications. The developers of the Protocol agreed that the increased fees will better protect the platform against potential attacks, but agreed not all members of the community. In September the developers of a startup Aragon has expressed concerns that changes in the code will break 680 smart contracts, which run decentralized applications on the Ethereum and will require a forced upgrade to ensure the smooth operation of decentralized Autonomous organizations (DAO) on the platform of Aragon.

The next update called Berlin will be held in early 2020, which will include ProgPow (Programmatic Proof of Work) — controversial improvement that should make the network Ethereum ASIC resistant.


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