Called seven ways to fight the winter Blues

In the winter many people feel tired and sluggish, can’t concentrate on important matters, always want to sleep and eat. The Internet has been published a number of recommendations, which gives a chance to regain vigor, without waiting for the spring.

Названы семь способов бороться с зимней хандрой

Although the text published on the website, winter Blues repeatedly referred to as “depression”, it’s probably not entirely correct. Bad mood caused by such objective factors as the reduction of daylight, should not be confused with mental disorder, often requiring professional help or even medication. However, in common parlance the word “depression” is often used incorrectly.

Anyway, the journalists, referring to psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, argue that one way of combating spleen can be considered “light therapy” — installation at home or office bright light source. However, before going to sleep to a similar to do not recommended not to confuse the circadian rhythms or “internal clock”.

As another method, it is recommended to stick to a diet that includes green ovschi, such as lentils and broccoli, as well as sources of complex carbohydrates, including brown rice, quinoa and barley porridge. As noted, these dishes are not only healthy, but also quick and easy to prepare. Another particularly important in the wintertime the type of food called soup.

In the winter it is also recommended to avoid overloads and, in particular, to avoid voluntary overtime and stress. Possibly the authors of the text suggest to go to a Sunny country during the Christmas holidays. Also recommended at least sometimes spend money on something nice.

The remaining two Board look a little less obvious, however, as reported, they are based on the results of recent scientific research. People, faced with the winter Blues, it is recommended to listen to sad songs that have a sedative effect, and to sleep under a weighted blanket.


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