Inside a 2500 year old mummy found ancient Egyptian animal cat skeleton

French researchers quite a long time trying to decipher the mystery of the ancient Egyptian artifact. In the above case, we are talking about the mummies of ancient Egyptian cats. The experts decided to explore what is inside finds without subsequent autopsy.

According to preliminary information, scientists estimate that the age of the mummified representative of the animal world is about 2500 years old. At the moment the artifact is in the Museum of fine arts, which is located in the French town of Rennes. It should be noted that the study of the artifact was a painstaking process, involving the reconstruction of the 3D model. As a result of these manipulations, the researchers have made a mummified body prozrachnym, showing items which failed to consider x-rays. This publication reports League news Russia.

Experts have discovered that the artifact is not a feline skeleton. In particular, the “three almost entire tail and five of the hind feet”. Archaeologist Teofana Nicolas suggested that the placement of multiple animals in one mummy wasn’t some exceptional practice in Ancient Egypt.

Before in the research world reported the identification of the mummy of the dragon, which preceded the emergence of dinosaurs. The only sign of seismic activity in Egypt allowed to open such a resonant artifact.

Recall that Russian scientists had discovered the secret of embalming mummies of Ancient Egypt. The secret of the preservation of mummies was applying a special solution not only on the body, but the hair of the deceased.


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