Named an unexpected cause of baldness

Processing can affect baldness. To such conclusion came researchers from South Korea. It is reported by the Ladbible.

Men who work more than 52 hours a week are twice as likely to suffer from baldness. Although the standard schedule involves 40 hours a week, often many workers stay in the office.

The study examined the data from 13 thousand men from South Korea from 20 to 59 years. According to the results, the stress caused by the overtime, can cause hormonal changes in the scalp and slow growth of hair follicles. The immune system may start to attack the hair due to stress.

The study took into account reasons other than processing, such as Smoking, income level and military status. But most of all for the presence of baldness that is affected by stress factor. Employers urged to pay attention to this and limit the amount of working time for men, so they did not develop alopecia. Most of all it needs men aged 20 to 30 years, when the first symptoms of baldness.

Earlier it was reported about a balding girl who slept six months in a wig for your boyfriend. She hesitated, but then revealed his diagnosis. The guy understood it and supported it as friends.


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