The newborn from Texas found botulism

A child 6 weeks old is paralyzed and is in intensive care after his body became infected, which led to toxicoinfections very dangerous disease called botulism.

Little Lincoln James from Texas got sick a few days ago, and his mother Amanda Schafer immediately took him to the hospital, noticing his health. Amanda said: “He almost did not move a pen. He bobbed his head. It was hard for him to eat, and during feeding breast milk he had a gag reflex”. Lincoln was taken to children’s hospital Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, and a doctor of Sarmistha Hoger believes that Lincoln is sick with botulism.

Dr. Hoger explained that this disease causes the infection, which can enter the body with food or drink. Once in the body, the infection produces a toxin. As soon as the amount of toxin in the body reaches a certain level, it begins to attack the nerves of the person and leads to paralysis. Dr. Hoger adds: “there is a paralysis, and you can’t eat, to breathe, to function”.

The doctor told me that most of the children suffering from this relatively rare disease gets infected from food. Parents warned not to feed babies products from damaged cans or honey.

Schafer says that her son only breast milk and formula, reports the news outlet KVUE.

Lincoln will now be treated by medication that is delivered by air from California. The doctors hope that the disease was discovered at a sufficiently early stage, the child is fully recovered. Amanda, in turn, is glad that her son will be able to make a full recovery, adding: “to See your child lying in that condition – I can’t even describe how scary it is”.


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