8 salads for weight loss

8 салатов для похудения

8 салатов для похуденияThese salads and delicious, and cleansing the body, which inevitably leads to weight loss.

1. Cleansing salad “Whisk”

Wonderful salad, like a broom sweeping out toxins from the body and brings huge benefits. This incredibly healthy dish is a great remedy to clean the intestines, perfect for fasting days will help the young moms to get in shape after childbirth. Select panicles vegetables with a dense structure, do not treat them thermally and for a time replace them dinner. You will be surprised how quickly the changes will be felt in the body. If you want to lose more than 5 pounds, replace salad for weight loss dinner for 2 weeks.


100 grams – cabbage, carrot, Apple, beet, sea Kale. Prunes (50 grams), lemon juice (5 grams), vegetable oil for the filling (15 grams).

Grate the washed and peeled raw vegetables on a coarse grater. The obtained mix and mash to get the juice. Grate apples, add to the contents, then press out the lemon juice and dressed with vegetable oil. The prunes a pre-soak and cut into small strips to add to salad. Salt is not added – “Panicle” and so tastes great — enjoy and lose weight! Use it for handling the day and say goodbye to a couple pounds of excess weight.

2. Salad for weight loss, “Brush”

To grate the same vegetables as in the first recipe, just take the cabbage in two times more than other ingredients. Vegetables mix and mash with hands to drain juice. In the finished salad, seasoned with oil and lemon juice, add chopped prunes.

Cut into julienne three carrots, beets and onion, add small cubes of firm Apple and some dried fruit — apricots, prunes. Add cranberries or pomegranate seeds. Dressing — low fat mayonnaise.

3. Salad for weight loss “Freshness”

Eat this salad in any quantity — it has so few calories that it does not damage the body. After preparation of the salad, leave it in the fridge for 2 hours.


cucumber (2 pieces), sugar substitute (equal to 15 grams sugar), dill (1 bunch), salt.

From cucumber peel, cut into thin slices, place in colander and salt well. Cover with a lid or plate and put on top of the cargo. After half an hour when all excess juice runs out, cucumbers rinse again with cold water and transfer to a plate. In a separate pan dissolve in 2 tablespoons water sugar substitutes and vinegar, bring to boil, cool and RUB in this mixture of dill. Spread on top of cucumbers seasoned with herbs and leave in the fridge.

4. Salad for weight loss vegetables

This salad dressing is interesting – he watered the broth, so the dish is well balanced in composition, but low-calorie. It saturates much better than other types, there can be hot and cold.


sweet peppers of different colors (2 pieces), tomatoes (3 pieces), onion (2 pieces), green onion, parsley, vegetable broth, salt.

Pepper cut into long strips, small tomatoes just cut in half. Chop the onion finely and put it in a heat proof dish. Sprinkle the vegetables with the onions and pour the broth. In the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes leave in the oven. The finished dish sprinkle with parsley.

5. Salad for weight loss Green

Despite the presence of mayonnaise, this salad is low in calories. Greens not completely saturates the body, mayonnaise for a while helps to “trick” the body. To prepare this salad all year round — greenhouse vegetables as suitable, with plenty of greenery.


leaf lettuce (bunch), cucumber (2 pieces), radishes, dill, green onions, parsley.

Cut greens, lettuce and cucumbers with radishes. Add salt to taste, season with mayonnaise. You can eat the salad all at once.

6. Salad for weight loss celery

Rich in vitamin C celery lowers cholesterol and pressure, other vegetables also have many beneficial properties for health promotion.


celery (4 stalks), cabbage (half a kilogram), cucumber (3 pieces), onions (2 heads), vegetable oil, juice of half a lemon, parsley or dill.

Cabbage and celery shinkuem, cut the cucumber into thin strips, onion finely chop, mix all in a large bowl and mash by hand. Dressed with lemon juice and olive or sunflower oil. Stir, let it sit a little. Decorate with finely chopped greens.

7. Salad for weight loss, “Fantasy”

Smetana dressing can connect seemingly incongruous ingredients — celery and orange. But this tasty salad will delight you. Its sweet-sour taste and rich composition nourishes well, suppresses appetite and helps get rid of excess weight.


celery (300 grams), apples (250 grams), carrots (1pc), sour cream, low-calorie (100 grams), nuts, chopped pieces of orange (half).

Grate the apples and carrots, boiled celery on a fine grater. Stir, add chopped nuts, a little sugar, salt. Stir well, season with sour cream and spread in a La carte dishes. Garnish with orange slices.

8. Salad for weight loss “Mushroom”

Mushrooms — recognized dietary product, not by chance, during lent, they are in high demand. Will it help to lose weight, as the calorie content of them is quite low.


fresh mushrooms (150 grams), vegetable oil (10 grams). Lemon juice, black pepper.

Good clean mushrooms, boil in salted water. Discard in a colander and cut into small pieces. Pepper, pour vegetable oil and lemon juice. In a bowl, sprinkle with greens (parsley, dill, green onion).

Bon appetit!

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