Cowboy Marlboro died at 90 years, because I never smoked

A philanthropist, rancher, a real cowboy Marlboro Bob Norris died this week at his ranch in Colorado springs (Colorado) at the age of 90 years. Rather, he lived so much, because in my life never smoked cigarettes.

Norris died at his home in Colorado on Sunday, November 3. His son, Bobby Norris, said that his father had indeed attracted the attention of others in his youth.

People came up and said: “Marlboro-man, let me buy you a drink, let me buy you lunch”, and asked for an autograph, “recalls the son.

Advertisers first noticed native Colorado on his ranch Tee Cross area of 63 000 acres in Pueblo, and seeing his picture in the newspaper.

They got out of the car, these guys in suits in a thin strip, approached the father and said, “would you like to be in the ad of Marlboro cigarettes?, — said Norris Jr. WKYT. — He answered: “Well, I’m a little busy right now. Why don’t you come back next week, and if you are serious, we’ll talk. They returned the following week“.

According to the son, the same day they made more than 2000 pictures. This started a 12-year acting career, which, however, ended abruptly. Norris retired from the advertising business, when I realized that it sets a bad example to his two daughters and two sons.

He always told us kids: “I never want to see you smoke,” and then one of us finally asked: “If you don’t want us to smoke, why you’re doing the advertising of cigarettes, “said Bobby Norris.

Bob Norris always said to my children, and 13 grandchildren that cowboy way of life is something that is highly valued.

There is no gray area between right and wrong, — said Norris. — You should do the right thing, even if it will cost you. You should do the right thing“.

Farewell to the “Cowboy” Marlboro was held on Friday, November 8th.


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