On the eve of Halloween, the Sun noticed a strange grin

On the eve of the legendary festivities of Halloween, the American space Agency NASA found beside the heavenly body is an amazing phenomenon. As experts noted, the Sun had a direct resemblance to the person who is depicted on the pumpkin.

The photograph was able to distinguish the glowing eyes or some semblance of a wide grin. This publication reports League news Russia.

Experts at the American space Agency, think that the object looked like a festive pumpkin. The researchers joked that the day heavenly body also notes such a popular holiday. This anomaly has been achieved due to active sites on the hot space object. To witness the anomaly managed through the device is endowed with the ability to function in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Brighter areas explained simply: they absorb large amounts of energy. These areas create a powerful magnetic field in the corona of a star.

First, it was noted that near the Sun managed to detect the object, which has direct similarities with the cube. Thus, the researchers were able to establish the means by which extraterrestrial civilizations roam the Universe.

We will remind, in the first decade, experts predicted the absorption of the Sun Andromeda. Scientists have focused on the fact that in this way the heavenly body portend the end of human civilization.


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