The dietician told about the dangers of oranges for health

People with gastrointestinal disease and gastritis should refrain from the use of oranges, because they contained the acid has a negative effect on the stomach, said “Evening Moscow” nutritionist Elena Solomatina. Even a healthy person, eating a tangerine on an empty stomach, can feel abdominal discomfort.

Диетолог рассказала о вреде мандаринов для здоровья

The danger can also be of various antifungal substances, which is treated with the rind of oranges, was told by the doctor. So boil the peel of tangerines is not worth it. Better to eat them whole. Optimally a day to eat 2-3 Mandarin, more is also possible, but only healthy people.

Overall, however, the tangerines are very useful. If there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, they have have. Citrus in General, useful in autumn and winter, because they are full of vitamins and antioxidants, inhibit the development of bacteria and fungi harmful to the body. “This fruit contains beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin a, — the brighter the color of a Mandarin orange, the more beta-carotene — which is required to update the mucous membranes,” said Solomatin. Tangerines are also a lot of heart-healthy potassium, which strengthens the body and removes excess fluid. And a white film on the inside of the fruit under the peel has beneficial antioxidants.


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