The woman found in the eye parasites

Parasites that are traditionally associated with cows, got into the woman’s eyes after a run to Carmel valley in California.

The woman, whose name was not called, is the second person that was infected with a parasite known as Thelazia gulosa, according to a study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. Researchers believe that this worm can be attributed to the so-called “new or bystrorastvorimami” the disease of people in the United States.

Female 68 years old from Nebraska was in the Carmel valley in California, when I felt something in my right eye. She washed it with water from the tap, fell the worm nematode. The woman examined the eyes and found another worm. She went to the eye doctor in Monterey who found 3 of the worm and sent it to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the U.S. for analysis.

In case, if the worms are kept on appearing in her eye, the doctor advised the patient to regularly wash your eyes with pure water and to take medicine against bacterial infection. Returning to Nebraska woman found 4 worm. She continued to wash the eyes 2 weeks, after which the worms stopped appearing.

This type of worm spreads, the so-called autumn when the flies feed on tears, such as cows, allowing the larva to crawl out of its oral apparatus to the eye area. The parasite is found in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

It is unclear how the worms got into the woman’s eyes. But doctors suspect that she was infected while Jogging in Carmel valley a month earlier, because she remembers how he met with a swarm of flies. She recalled how “like flies from the face and spit on those that got in her mouth.”

After analysis of the sample taken by the doctor, it was confirmed that this worm Thelazia gulosa. The researchers found the worm and eggs, which may indicate that the human body is suitable for their reproduction.

As this case was 2 in 2 years, the authors believe that the parasite may “to introduce a new or bystrorastvorimami zoonos in the USA”, that is, a disease that can spread from animals to humans.

In 2016 Abby Beckley became the first person who contracted the worm Thelazia gulosa. She told me last year that she’s caught salmon in Alaska, when I felt like eyelash pierces her eyes. After a few days of discomfort, she pressed on irritated part of the eye, and there seemed to be a worm. Girl, which at that time was 26 years old, took 5 worms from the eyes before went to the hospital, where “frightened” staff. She was sent to Oregon Health and Science University, where doctors and interns have gathered to watch the worms.

Finally, it was decided that the best treatment for her would be to just remove the worms until they all come out of the eye. She removed 14 pieces for 20 days. Since then, the girl fully recovered.

Erin Bonura, a specialist in infectious diseases at Oregon Health & Science University who treated Buckley, urged the public not to panic. It is unlikely that the average person will meet with flies, which carry the worms, not something that will allow them to postpone larvae. It is recommended to brush off the flies and immediately remove them from the face if they try to land on it.


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