Kirkorov has ceased to conceal their “infirmity”: artist fed with a spoon

Pop king of Russian show business Philip stopped to eat on their own. The video, posted online, is not a joke fans made him jittery.

In a Network there is a strange clip featuring beloved idol Philip Kirkorov, where he feeds with a spoon another man, reports LigaNews.

It is worth noting, fans of the king of pop once feared that the artist has some health problems, since he can’t eat on their own, but it turned out the reason for this strange behavior is not the point.

It turned out that the artist came on tour to Azerbaijan and immediately went to their famous restaurant, where he fed in such a strange way.

The footage shows how the waiter put the napkin artist, so that is not dirty, and began to feed him with a spoon. It is worth noting that he is the king of pop was not against such actions of the staff.

As previously reported LigaNews, Kirkorov have serious problems with the law – liability will not be avoided. Legendary pop king of Russian show business Philip ran into serious trouble with the law.

It is also known that the book got game: celebrity status artist will not help him to avoid responsibility. Artist included in the “blacklist” of the Federal bailiff service of Russia from-for evasion from fines.


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