“Ice eggs” dotted the sea shore in Finland and river in Alaska (PHOTO)

"Ледяные яйца" усеяли берег моря в Финляндии и реку на Аляске (ФОТО)

In the West of Finland, the locals were very surprised to discover that coast of the island of Hailuoto in the Gulf of Bothnia, opposite the city of Oulu with plenty of ice oval shape of different sizes, which are called “ice balls” or “ice balls”.

They found an Amateur photographer from Oulu Risto Mattila. According to him, he had never seen anything like it, although living on the coast for 25 years, reports Yle.

According to the scientist Jouni Vainio (glaciology – the science of natural ice in all its varieties on the earth’s surface) that occurred on the coast of the ice balls is a rare phenomenon, but there is nothing mystical in it. For the occurrence of such ice forms require certain weather conditions.

The water temperature should be close to the freezing point. Shallow, close to shore, the movement of the waves contributes to the formation of ice balls. The water should be small pieces of ice or stones, around which will numerate the ice. The wind must be strong.

Russia has also repeatedly seen the phenomenon, e.g., in Yamal or in the Gulf of Finland in Saint-Petersburg. In the US such quite often happens on lake Michigan, where the locals joke that this is “eggs aliens”.

Saint Petersburg:

Lake Michigan:

erikoinen luonnonilmiö Tuuloksen Suolijärvellä aiemmin tällä viikolla. Veteen satanut lumi ei sulanut vaan muodosti ison…

Geplaatst door Keski-Häme op Vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Geplaatst door Keski-Häme op Maandag 13 januari 2014


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