The neural network guessed that the Earth revolves around the Sun

Нейросеть сама догадалась, что Земля крутится вокруг Солнца

Special artificial intelligence to analyze arrays of scientific data has been tested on astronomical objects — the Sun and Mars. Only on the basis of information about their movement in the celestial sphere of the Earth, a neural network constructed the heliocentric model of the Solar system. Thus a computer algorithm for few minutes repeated the achievements of the great scientists of the past, throughout his life he formulated the laws of astronomy.

Modern science produces so many data that their treatment takes incredibly much time. Moreover, much of the information is not studied so well and closely as we would like scientists. Therefore, there are several projects to create artificial intelligence to make all this work. However, modern neural network algorithms there is one problem — their “thinking” process is a “black box”. Not just to understand how the program came to its conclusions.

That is, even if AI will find some law of nature, it will only be a ready answer or a simple formula to check where you will need to perform all the calculations again. To circumvent this limitation, artificial intelligence was created based on two sequential neural networks. The first array analyzes the data and finds patterns that are formulated mathematically as brief as possible. Then these rules are transmitted to the second program by a very limited number of connections. That, in turn, applies these formulas to the data array again and is already building a certain model.

As Nature writes, during one of the tests AI he “fed” information about how in the sky are moving some celestial bodies. It was similar to how astronomers and mathematicians of the past, using available primitive tools trying to understand the universe. The program was able to build a heliocentric model of the Solar system without any hints or modifications of data on the part of man.

Physicist Renato Renner (Renato Renner) from ETH Zurich satisfied with the first results of the project. Creating a “lobotomirovanny” neural network course of “reasoning” which you can track, scientist colleagues and hopes to make serious progress the science forward. Thanks to the likes of artificial intelligence appears an opportunity to finally resolve the contradictions between quantum mechanics and other branches of physics. According to him, perhaps now we are on the verge of opening a brand new laws of nature.

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