Falcons have killed a student Anastasia Yeshchenko: there are details of the tragedy

Associate Professor, St. Petersburg state University, Oleg Sokolov tied a romantic relationship with the victim – Anastasia Yeshchenko, which ended in a ferocious murder. Man dismembered the girl’s body and tried to hide him in the river.

63-year-old historian Oleg Sokolov killed 24-year-old Anastasia Eschenko, who was his student, according to LIGAnews with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

The motive for the deprivation of life of a young girl became jealous. 7 Nov teacher killed a student with a shotgun and hid the body in the apartment, and the next day received the guests who had no idea about what happened. In the night of Saturday, Sokolov began to plan how to get rid of a former lover.

He dismembered the victim’s body in a state of drunken intoxication. Oleg Sokolov went to the river to get rid of the dead bodies, but due to the drunken state he fell into the pond with a backpack in which there were severed the victim’s hands.

LIGAnews reported that a criminal offense was explained to the brutal murder of a child in kindergarten. The suspect was arrested at the scene. It is known that the baby died from blood loss. The suspect went to kindergarten and accidentally admitted that the victim “appeared to him to be a demon or a monster, so I killed.”


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