630 million people will die due to changes in the World ocean

Experts in the research community Climate Central, announced a sinister consequences of the rise of the water level in the oceans. Estimates that the victims in the flooded areas to the year 2050 will be over 300 million people.

Thus, the researchers proved that their positive assumptions about the number of victims was incorrect. Such an oversight may be due to the fact that information about the coastline were considered at various angles. In the first case we used information from satellites that are mistakenly attracted to their own calculations, the skyscrapers and trees. The second method was the possibility of artificial intelligence. Quite impartially was forecast for the inhabitants of the Asian continent, because the affected area will be 630 million individuals. This publication reports League news Russia.

Today more than a billion people live in areas where the level of the sea literally ten meters higher than the line of the tide.

Earlier this year, scientists found that streams of the oceans is rapidly cooled. Some time later, scientists found that the Earth reigned, the weather conditions of 70-ies of the XIX century.

Earlier experts predicted the flooding in the southern regions of France water currents of the oceans. Experts estimate that already resides under water about 200 metres of land. Such rapid changes can be explained by a significant decline in the earth’s crust.


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