The woman almost refused to sleep because of a mysterious “exploding head syndrome”

Overcome by fear Jill Lafferty jumped out of bed, confident that he heard the shot, heard on the street. This was not the first time in the last few months when 64-year-old resident of new Jersey heard the shots while sleeping, but she contacted the police to make sure security.

The police quickly arrived, but told her the news she least expected: the shots heard only in her head. Accurately determined to find the answer to the question of why she hears loud gunshots during sleep, the woman went to the doctor. It turned out that this strange sleep disorder called “exploding head syndrome”. The condition causes patients to hear loud noises before falling asleep or awakening.

Geplaatst door Jill Hope Begien Lafferty op Donderdag 21 juni 2018

“It’s very frightening. When you are fast asleep and you hear a shot, you have the heart goes to the heel. This is the weirdest thing I have experienced in life,”she said. “The sounds are so loud, you can’t imagine, as if someone put a gun right to my ear and fired. And it only happens when I’m asleep. It’s very scary”.

Jill had no idea about his condition until November 2017, when she was awakened by an incredibly loud sound as if someone shot near her ear.

Since then Jill almost weekly up from bed in fear, and she almost ceased to sleep. A woman who had worked as a hematologist, can’t sleep more than 4 hours a night, and the doctors said her that she will have to live with it, because there’s no cure.

In November 2016, the woman survived the attack, which nearly killed her and after that she’s 4 months spent in the hospital. Although she survived, a year later, she first heard “the shot”. She claims that she immediately called the police, but the officers told her that they were unable to find any evidence of her words. A month later, she again heard a shot. “I thought I was going crazy. This was repeated again and again. I realized that the shot exists only in my head because no one else could hear it”.

“I began researching and found information about the “exploding head syndrome”. This is exactly what I suffered from. The next night I went to the doctor, I mentioned this syndrome and found that she never heard. Now she claims that the doctors can not do anything and I have to live with it”.

Jill says she found support among the people suffering from tinnitus, but this syndrome only she can. She admits that he is not “upset”, but still terribly frightening.


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