The woman told how her husband mourned before the baby is born

Kelsey Ferguson was holding his tiny son in her arms and wept, knowing that he will never meet his “stunning dad”. Instead be overflowing with happiness Kelsey (31) was incredibly depressed, mourning the man that wanted to spend the rest of my life. She became a widow and a mother for 4 days.

Earlier, when the doctors said there was nothing I could do to save her husband Scott (30 years) she got sick and threw up. “I was sick and I couldn’t breathe,”says Kelsey.

The woman was in the hospital, where doctors wanted to provoke the birth, when we arrived Scott, coughing blood. He came here, but because of the seriousness of his condition quickly transferred to the ICU, where he later went into cardiac arrest.

The couple has to start a new beautiful Chapter of their lives in a new house and with a child of which they dreamed. But Kelsey’s face was streaming with tears, while Scott was lying in a hospital bed, covered with a white sheet and connected to a large number of tubes. “Looking back, I think the doctors didn’t tell me the whole truth about the severity of his illness. I didn’t know how sick he is. No one told me that he could die. They put me on a chair and ride him. He looked terrible. Laying there unconscious, tubes and wires”. She held Scott’s hand gently kissed and said how much she and their son love him. She was so overwhelmed with emotion that I almost fainted and they took her out of the room.

After that, Scott made his last breath and died. “I will never forget that I wasn’t there when he left. I hate myself for it”, says Kelsey.

2 days for the expectant mother were “in the fog”, because she can’t remember if she slept, ate, cried and walk upright to the bathroom. Worrying about the child’s condition, doctors decided to induce labor, especially since the ultrasound of baby at 20 weeks showed a heart defect and a chromosomal anomaly. So Kelsey and Scott didn’t survive their son. Now Kelsey was ready to go and child.

When labor began, the baby began to decrease heart rate, and Kelsey had to do a caesarean. 4 days after her husband’s death she had Maksli Russell Ferguson. Maksli spent in the Department for children 99 days before he was allowed to go home with mom.
Smiling child who is one year old, avoid complications, and despite the doctors ‘ prognosis. He has done 7 surgeries, including one open heart.

Devoted mother appreciates every important stage in the development of his “miraculous” child, and optimistic about the future. But every day she misses about “the other half of the sky”. “I can’t imagine someone who would be a better dad than Scott,”she says.

It was confirmed that Scott was suffering from Wegener’s granulomatosis – an autoimmune disease that attacked his lungs and was diagnosed too late.

Kelsey with pain admits: “I thought that with time will become easier, but I feel more broken than ever before. He was a wonderful husband and made my life easier. Every day with him I was happy. We did everything together and there’s not one thing in my life that reminds me of him. I’ll tell Maksli about his dad and how he loves him. We have a long way, but we have each other and so I consider myself incredibly happy”.


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