The last Soviet defense Minister Yazov disclosed the whole truth about his participation in the putsch and the collapse of the country

One of the key organizers of the August 1991 coup Dmitry Yazov did not repent that he ordered to enter the capital troops. Moreover, he claims that had to act “decisively”. It should be noted that in clashes of protesters with the military in August 1991, three people were killed.

Former Soviet defense Minister Dmitry Yazov, the last Marshal of the Soviet Union, accused of treason and subsequently amnestied, the day of his 95th birthday he told about his participation in the State emergency Committee, informs

In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda party putsch of August 1991 stated that “did not understand the meaning of Perestroika, started by the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.”

According to Yazov, to join the putsch made him “a sense of duty.” It is worth noting that shortly after the failed putsch, the Marshal was unrepentant and called himself “an old fool”, but now he claims to “not remember” it.

“I was forced by the threat of the collapse of the country, which I defended at the front. And then the merrymaking between Gorbachev and Yeltsin. It was necessary to save the country, and they get involved in quarrels. By August 1991 had nothing to pay the army. I couldn’t look at this helpful clicking of heels. Me the army would not understand,” said Yazov.

It should be noted that Soviet defense Minister Dmitriy Yazov, along with the Chairman of the KGB Kryuchkov and Minister of internal Affairs of the USSR Pugo was the main backbone of the putsch, despite the fact that his head is nominally listed as Vice-President of the USSR janaev. It Yazov gave the order to introduce troops into Moscow, resulting in clashes between the military and civilians that led to the deaths of three activists: Vladimir Usov, and Ilya Krichevsky, Dmitry Komar.

By the way, now Yazov has no regrets about that in August 1991, together with like-minded people organized a putsch. According to him, if the situation repeated itself, he would have acted “more decisively”. At the same time, supporters of Restructuring argue that the leaders of the putsch, their actions did not save the USSR from disintegration, but on the contrary hastened the collapse of the country.

As previously reported, West is planning to repeat the Russian scenario of the 90-ies.

We also wrote that in the state Duma accused the opposition of Kara-Murza, Jr. in working for the United States.


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