“Oh My God!”: adviser to trump caught drinking Russian vodka – Notepad Russia

American political consultant, who went by the name of “Russia’s intervention in U.S. presidential elections”, decided to make fun of spectaculorum.

The Network is now actively spreading the video, which depicted former adviser to Donald trump, Roger stone. American political consultant known for the fact that he actively helped the Buddha during his presidential campaign in 2016. The name of the stone surfaced after the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller on “Russia’s intervention in the American elections.” In particular, Mueller accused the stone that he tried to have WikiLeaks material that could discredit rival trump’s Hillary Clinton. Now the stone became the “hero” of funny videos. The ex-the adviser to the President of the United States “caught” drinking Russian vodka “Stolichnaya”. When this stone is frightened jokingly: “Oh my God! You caught me drinking Russian vodka. Mueller, arrest me.”

Users appreciated the joke of the analyst. They left a funny comment under the video that eve posted in her Twitter, the TV host Vladimir Solovyov.

“Exactly how Schellenberg “MH 17. spring: See smoke American cigarettes, I will say that sold the home…”, “salted Cucumber is not enough vodka”, “if you only Knew , what would you have done Stirlitz , seeing as vodka bodyazhat ice bowl and cocktail – has thought Muller”, “the man had taste in drinks dismantled” and “Secretly , perhaps , sipping the white sea and potatoes in the fireplace, bake . Our man … ” – commented by users.


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