Relative Alla Pugacheva anxious to meet with the artist

Alla has created his large, strong family. So, the Diva already has adult grandchildren and also young children, Lisa and Harry, who devotes most of their time and attention.

Maxim Galkin often shares personal family photos with fans, but his wife Donna prefers to hide her personal life from the press, LIGAnews reports citing Russian Dialogue.

So, in search of attention Alla Pugacheva turned to her by her distant relatives. Aunt actress admitted that she tried to visit a niece 10 years ago. Now the relative feels bad and recognizes that to meet them failed. However, according to the woman, she evil for hypnotherapy holds and wishes her only happiness.

Journalists were able to communicate with another actress cousin – second cousin Claudia. The woman admits that she does not want to bother the singer but wants her to tell. She added that Diva could itself take the initiative to meet with the family, and not forget them. Claudia said that she didn’t need anything from star cousin, but it would be nice to see and talk.


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