Inside the canadian Arctic prison, which has a steam room and a special place for fumigation smoke

In prison North Slave Correctional Centre in the Northern canadian city of Yellowknife contained only 150 inmates it was designed for criminals from the canadian Arctic. Concluded provided sufficient comfort, has all the amenities and halls in order to conduct time — and stay in shape.

For the Eskimos have steam (cleansing ritual) and a special place for fumigation smoke. Patrick Kane went to jail and made a series of interesting photographs which were then published in the canadian Vice.

1. Graffiti in the room for visits.

2. Empty camera. When a prisoner is admitted, he was given a mattress, a pillow and a blanket.

3. Graffiti on the wall of the chamber.

4. Steam for Eskimos.

5. Healer Arvin Landry with a bowl for fumigation.

6. Playground.

7. Diagram of obstacle course.

8. The prisoner looks at graffiti, they painted in 2012.

9. Room, where the healing meeting and eskimo ceremonies and rituals.

10. Corridor.

11. Food shop — the best sold popcorn.

12. The cabinets are the VHS tape.

13. That’s what prisoners watch.

14. Prisoner of Nunavut.

15. Traditional food of the type venison, Arctic char, seal meat and whale fat give prisoners every few days.

16. On the stand due to the damage of a homemade tattoos.

17. The picture one of the prisoners.

18. The prisoner looks out the window.

19. Rose bead. Prisoners draw and weave beads, and then send their crafts to family and friends.


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