Historian dismantler falcons already stoked people: surfaced verdict involving the death of a person

As a 25-year-old student of the state University and simultaneously working in the school, Oleg Sokolov ran the frigate St. George, having the necessary skills. In the incident in July 1981 the ship under his control sank in the Gulf, and killed the scientist Vladimir Sorokin.

Killed his former student and mistress Anastasia Yeshchenko historian Oleg Sokolov was already brought to responsibility for the death of a person, LIGAnews reports citing Russian Dialogue.

From the text rendered by the court in 1982 the decision that Sokolov was an officer in the Petrovsky military history to teenagers. The club was sent two ships that were supposed to be used when filming a movie. The head of the club Rudolf Pozhogin led the transition at the LAI-4050 (shmak), on Board of which was 12 people. The falcons were second in the LAZ-0056 (frigate) with 15 passengers.

About 19 o’clock in the evening on 5 July 1981 in the high the oncoming waves and wind gusts up to 15 meters per second “St. George” has not changed the rate, and not slowed down. The frigate gathered water in the holds, lost buoyancy and sank at Cape Sandy in the area of Zelenogorsk. The body of the scientist Sorokin is not found, the others came to the rescue saved ship Pozhogin.

In relation Pogogyne and Sokolova criminal case under article 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Violation of the rules on the transport”). As noted in the judgment, the falcons did not have navigation rights for a vessel of this class and driving experience in marine environments. He partially admitted his guilt.

At this point, a former Professor at SPbSU is in jail. It is reported that psychologically he was very depressed. The accused participates in all investigative activities, as well as trying to distract from the overall situation, devoting themselves to new research.


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