15 rules of life of the cat

All of you come across articles or even whole books with the rules of life: how to succeed, how to respect others, how to be happy, etc. But such rules are not only in humans but also in cats. Yes, what do you think? How, in your opinion, these creatures have conquered the world and subjugated the people? Here is a list of rules from a real cat.

1. Don’t pay attention to all sorts of annoying little things: you can always catch another mouse.

2. Learn to dig into the sofa. So you can solve almost any problem.

3. Do yoga, spreading the boundaries of the possible.

4. Be open, go to the dialogue. If you think they give you enough food, just say it, don’t keep it inside.

5. Every day find time to be alone with him.

6. Always look further so you will achieve more.

7. Be nice and friendly to others, so you will be able to make new friends.

8. Communicate often with loved ones, learn to listen, even if you do not understand what you say.

9. Do not worry and do not respond with aggression, if the dog you seem to “not notice.”

10. Just learn to make it you really didn’t notice.

11. Don’t dwell on rational, sometimes you just need to act.

12. Be nice. Photogenic — nothing but charm.

13. Look at things from different points of view. You will be surprised, when you look at the usual from the other side.

14. Sleep as much as possible. Healthy sleep — a minimum of 15 hours a day.

15. And the last one. Always be confident in yourself, people love it.

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