The journalists found out who the Professor is the killer of falcons was sent to the grave

Media published information that the historian Oleg Sokolov, driving the ship “St. George”, drowned him in the area of Zelenogorsk, in killing the scientist Vladimir Sorokin.

Lecturer, Saint-Petersburg state University, Oleg Sokolov, a suspect in the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko, in 1982, was convicted of violation of safety rules, entailed death of the person. We are talking about the sinking of the frigate “St. George” and the death of the scientist Vladimir Sorokin, according to Russian Dialogue with reference to “Fontanka“.

The newspaper published the verdict of March 1, 1982 Sestroretskiy district people’s court of the city of Leningrad, the teacher of school № 149 Oleg Sokolov, the head of the Petrovsky military history of teenage club Rudolph Pogogyne.

The falcons then received two years of probation, Identified three.

In July 1981, two vessels of the Petrovsky club came from Leningrad to Primorsk to participate in the filming of “young Russia”. One of the ships of the ran Identified, and the other the falcons. The frigate “St. George” under the control of Sokolov in high oncoming waves and wind gusts that reached 15 meters per second, changed course and did not reduce speed, causing the ship is taking on water, lost buoyancy and sank at Cape Sandy in the area of Zelenogorsk. On Board were 15 people. 14 of them were rescued by the rescue ship Pogogyne, and the body of Vladimir Sorokin was not found.

Sokolov on the court partially admitted his guilt. He refused to consider himself guilty that incorrectly ran the ship, and told about the attempt to save the ship. At the same time he agreed that as the captain of a vessel that followed in the Wake for the flagship had to carry out all instructions Bogojina.

It was also reported that a surveillance camera recorded as the falcons were drowned in the Sink the remains of his victim.


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