A woman has described her agony after it after the pedicure she began the infection

The woman felt a terrible pain and couldn’t help herself cope with the infection after a pedicure.

Chris Hoff, mother of 3 children Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA, was forced to agree to the removal of part of her nail at the toe after a seemingly routine procedure of pedicure caused her to suffer from unbelievable pain. Mother of 3 children has lost half of the nail on the toe after the pedicure that cost $ 45 led to the development of unpleasant infection.

Chris Hoff (50 years) wanted to treat yourself to a pedicure in the nail salon last month on October 11, but after the pedicure she noticed that her left leg turned red and started clear signs of the inflammatory process. A resident of Onalaska, Wisconsin has tried itself to provide medical care and to treat their wounds, but it failed to get rid of severe pain.

Well here is round 2☹️ this time in podiatry. It took like minutes, nothing like the torture I went through in urgent…

Geplaatst door Kris Vanderzee Hoff op Vrijdag 22 november 2019

“When I realized that I can’t do this by myself, I was advised as soon as possible to seek professional medical assistance to help relieve the pain”– said Chris, who works as a hairdresser Pets.

“Because the pain was so intense, I begged for a meeting with the doctor, as I needed a specialist who would decide this question. In addition to the procedure to remove part of the nail that brought terrible pain and infection, I was also given antibiotics, which I took twice a day for a week. I did compresses on leg 3 times a day and applied a bandage. Leg is still inflamed a month after the incident, and I am skeptical about another pedicure in the future, because it could happen again”.

Here is an update after my procedure on Monday in Urgent Care. Still in much pain. Antibiotics are not fighting the…

Geplaatst door Kris Vanderzee Hoff op Donderdag 21 november 2019

Doctors put Chris on antibiotics and now she’s on the mend. But the woman is afraid to spend another pedicure in the future, especially because after the incident a month has passed, but it has not yet fully recovered.


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