Stuck in the airplane bathroom son Safronov said about the massacre of obstavini his offenders

Pianist and heir to the artist Nikas Safronov Luka Zatravkin is going to seriously punish the person who removed his unpleasant incident on Board the plane and posted on the web.

As you know, yesterday, the Network has stirred up the news about the son of the famous artist Nikas Safronov, who because of problems with the extra weight couldn’t get out of the toilet on Board the aircraft. Video of the incident was posted online, which really angered the victim, LigaNews reports with reference to ria.

Luka Zatravkin not going to tolerate this mockery of his person, so he decided to find the offender, who filmed and posted this video, and submit it to the court.

“I find him he will answer under the law, pay the fine, because he mocked the person who is in a helpless situation,” said insulted the pianist.

Also Luka said, as he was horribly angry at the fact that the unpleasant incident has become so public.

As we know, Luke has serious problems with being overweight and because of this, and there was all the confusion. It unpleasant incident on Board the aircraft was resolved thanks to the help of caring people and crew who helped Luke get out of the cabin toilet.

As previously reported LigaNews have Gurchenko, Nachalovo and gundarevoj one cause of death, the expert cited specific facts. A renowned expert in the field of medicine has released some facts from the biography of Natalia gundarevoj, Nachalovo Yulia and Lyudmila Gurchenko, through which it became clear that these stars could be a common cause of death.

It is also known that Buzova beginning hard to prepare for motherhood – actions of the singer has caused many to tears. The infamous singer Olga Buzova announced plans to become a mother. Star in an unusual way decided to prove to his fans that will be a good parent.


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