Waiver of sweet declared dangerous for the psyche

The dietician Brigitte Zeitlin expressed the view that the complete abandonment of the chocolate and other favorite foods in the name of getting rid of excess weight often brings more benefits than harm. In her opinion, one should not underestimate the danger of stress associated with excessively hard and unusually for a human diet.

Отказ от сладкого объявлен опасным для психики

As the expert noted, fear of to eat while on a diet, even a small piece of chocolate may be associated with mental stress, which in itself can harm mental health. Moreover, excessive restraint increases the risk that the person “slips” and start eating harmful and an excessively high-calorie foods more than before the diet. In this regard, the nutritionist advised to eat, including, and favorite foods, but do not abuse them, reports Focus Online.

By the way, some scientists believe that dark chocolate not only causes obesity, but it helps get rid of excess weight. As for the other benefits, of chocolate such as mood improvement and even increase the level of intelligence some experts consider them more of a myth and the “placebo effect”, although some experts do not exclude that this product really brings a lot of benefits to the body.

Recently endocrinologist of the state clinical hospital No. 52 Yana Solovyova, what sweets it is best to please yourself in the morning, but in any case not on an empty stomach. Allegedly, the candy eaten before Breakfast, the body will react by secretion of excessive amounts of insulin, which can lead to the development of diabetes, however, as a morning dessert it brings less harm than being eaten at any other time of the day.


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