Because of the ban on abortion, desperate mothers kill newborns Coca-Cola in Kenya

According to human rights organizations, Kenya swept the real wave of infanticide. Every day there are more news about mothers who give their kids Coca-Cola, ginger beer and other carbonated drinks instead of milk. Others leave newborns in landfills or thrown into the river. The reason — a complete ban on abortion.

Some women, not having a legal way to terminate the pregnancy, turn to even more risky option: a clandestine procedures, which often end in the death of both the child and the patient. According to statistics, in the moment, such operations are the most common cause of death among young mothers. In the day killed at least 7 patients.

In the words of the fighters for human rights, the stories of these women — a clear proof of how desperate living mother, not having the opportunity and the means to support a child in a country where abortion is outlawed. In Kenya they are expressly prohibited except in those cases where the mother’s life is in danger. Anyone who would hold clandestine operation, waiting for a 14-year prison term.

Most doctors are not willing to risk my reputation, career and freedom — from-for what have lost hope women decide to take extreme measures. Only this may of the Nairobi river caught the body 8 children. And, according to working at the dump Wilson Ceptu, the year he finds about 15 dead babies. The man had long been surprised by the creepy findings.

During the year the issue of illegal abortion stands in front of approximately 350 thousand women. Of these, 21 thousand then admitted to the hospital due to complications after surgery. About the underground clinics go no less horrific history: what is “hospital”, which supposedly took from mothers in labor, and then killing babies with a hammer.

Coca-Cola has already commented on the news, expressing “deep condolences to the families” and “mothers in distress“and strongly asked not to give a newborn sodas. However, for some new parents from Kenya things seem complicated.

Only 15 countries have laws where women can freely have an abortion under virtually all circumstances. 6 countries — El Salvador, Malta, Vatican, Chile, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua — categorically forbid abortion even to save the mother’s life.

In England, Scotland and Wales the procedure is legal up to 23 weeks of pregnancy, and in the US the fierce fight for women’s right to abortion is more than a century.

Today, Alabama passed a law banning abortion after “a woman will be aware of it“. 5 States — Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana — approved Billy prohibiting the operation after 6 weeks of pregnancy.


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