Research institutes want to “merge” with the universities

To suspend the restructuring of science was offered a professorship at the wounds on his conference, which started on Friday in Moscow. Academic concerns young shoots were not born in a vacuum. According to “MK” information, not so long ago, the Ministry of science and higher education held a meeting where it was discussed that it is time to begin implementing the so-called second wave of restructuring of scientific organizations, in which academic research institutes will begin to connect to higher education institutions.

Исследовательские институты захотели «слить» с вузами

– I would like to raise the question about the future of our entire academic science, – said the Director of the Institute of macromolecular compounds of RAS from St. Petersburg, corresponding member of RAS Professor Sergey Lyulin. – Not better for us to suspend the restructuring, to stay for a while to figure out the correct way to go? Let us work in the new environment. One gets the same feeling – many say this – that soon the research institutes will begin to connect to universities, small organizations to large, then the institutions will not listen. What will be the opinion of the Academy in this case?

– This question is very painful, – said the President of RAS Alexander Sergeev. The situation becomes more or less typical… I am also advocating that we should stop and look at the result – that well done, that is bad. And then implemented the first wave of restructuring and now we hear: “What are you plots? Joined farmers to physicists! As a result, the farmers forgot, they all fled”. Such complaints are heard. We need to responsibly look at the results of actions.

Sergeyev further quoted the Chairman of the Duma Committee for science and education Vyacheslav Nikonov, who once said: “Today is the best thing you can do for science is to stop it reforming.”

And in the second phase of restructuring will say, – continued the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, – in him (as it did the first time) a lot depends on us. Many offices, so many protests were against the merger of the institutions among themselves! And then those people bring me a… coordination on connections. I say to them: “why are you shouting that you are against?” – “Well, you know, on the academic Council pressed that we can do in this situation?”. – In General are to blame. Say No, show courage! Anybody without the decision of academic councils of institutes no restructuring to do.

Исследовательские институты захотели «слить» с вузами

Due to the fact that scientists ought to stop and make an examination of what has been done, Sergey Lyulin asked a very important question about the extension of the expert functions of the academic community: “Can the Academy itself to speak with the expert initiative and whether it will be heard in this case?”.

Can we? But who prevents us? – surprised the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He recalled that just on this issue at the recent General meeting of the RAS in the recent case of the LPI (law enforcement authorities suspected the tenants of the Institute in smuggling), the academicians decided to take the initiative themselves to scientific examination of commercial products. “Only professionals can say that applies to the defense industry, and what is not, – said Sergeev. – Our export Commission have always worked hand in hand with the FSTEC (Federal service for technical and export control -Ed.).

Help “MK”. The first information that the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences can be combined with universities and industry institutions, appeared in the fall of 2014. The idea, according to the Russian newspaper, was launched by the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (now its successor is the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation), which in the course of the reform of hockaday was transferred to the Institute. Many institutions then react very sensitively to such information, fearing the destruction of their organizations and layoffs.


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