12 cases where expectation and reality is incredibly far from each other

Looking at other people’s tricks on the Internet often think that everything that happens in front of you — easy and repeat this simple. But gravity never sleeps, but reality bites.

In this collection you will find a pair of gifs, where the first (lucky) man who worked very hard, and the second is an arrogant Jerkoff, watching videosyou. Note: to look at some painful gifs! From the eighth straight teeth reduces…

1. Waiting

1. Reality

2. Waiting

2. Reality

3. Waiting

3. Reality

4. Waiting

4. Reality

5. Waiting

5. Reality

6. Waiting

6. Reality

7. Waiting

7. Reality

8. Waiting

8. Reality

9. Waiting

9. Reality

10. Waiting

10. Reality

11. Waiting

11. Reality

12. Waiting

12. Reality

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