The girl became Queen of a beauty contest, in spite of the tumor

The incredible power of the spirit let the girl whose whole left half of the body is covered with tumors, go through really hard times.

Brianna worden of Upper new York suffers from neurofibromatosis. Diagnosed when she was 2 months and he means the whole left side of her body is covered with tumors, both inside and outside.

The girl is now 22, and she already has gone through 10 procedures, which returned her ability to walk in 8 years and even to speak again after a very complicated surgery in high school.

Brianna said: “It is a daily battle. I spent most of my childhood in the hospital. It’s like in the movies when watching through the window how all the fun”.

But despite the horrors experienced by the girl as a child, she was not discouraged and tries to stay positive, and even got a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her mom Gianna Walter says: “I was told that she would be lucky if she survives until 7 years, then to 15, then to 20. She is very strong. She’s a fighter and we are very happy that she is still with us”.

Teenager brianna participated in beauty contests and even won Miss Teen New York in 2013. The girl explains: “Although the disease leads to many deformations of the body, I wanted to change the stereotype of beauty pageants, because that’s not the only scene where you need to look pretty, but also a platform for performances. So I thought why not use the neurofibromatosis because I noticed when you got the crown on the head or something shiny, it’s like a megaphone in his hands”. Using their participation in the contest to openly talk about your condition, brianna was able to explain to others about what is neurofibromatosis, which led to many problems with her health.

The disease is most visible on the left hand of the girl. Several times doctors removed the tumor from her hands, but they grow back again. Now the skin on her arm had become so depleted that more to do operations it is impossible. Now she takes a drug that is still undergoing clinical trial and is undergoing chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, but the disease leads to other health problems such as high blood pressure, blindness, hearing loss and many others.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I found Brianna’s and even cancer. “I raised my left hand to bounce during the performance of the group support athletic teams, and dislocated my shoulder. It walked right in the chest”. After the examination it turned out that the girl was among the 10% of patients with neurofibromatosis who have found more cancer. “Treatment, in fact, no”– she explains. “The radiation would have helped, but it forces you to grow neurofibromatosis. So we just removed the tumor and “whether it would be””.

One particularly painful operation to remove the tumor forced doctors to operate through the girl’s throat. “When the tumor was removed, I woke up and couldn’t speak,”she remembers. “The stress of surgery, inflammation and intubation led to a paralysis of the left vocal cords. I was told that I may never be able to speak or to eat normally”.

Learning sign language the girl could not, because can’t use my left hand, so she had to write everything down to communicate with family. But this, in the end, miraculously recovered, shocking her doctors. “It’s been six months of speech therapy and they don’t know how but now I can talk. I can eat solid food and even sing”. Brianna described the moment when she got her voice: “I tried to drown the dog to talk to my brother because no one heard me. I hear a click and I just started talking normally. Just like that. The doctors don’t know why”.

The girl says that in addition to support often hears negative comments in his address, and not from children or adolescents and adults. “People ask me if I really sick. Or tell me I have a staph or Ebola. It’s crazy, but I don’t pay attention. I’m just suggesting to explain what is neurofibromatosis because it is non-contagious, it’s a tumor”.

Despite all the problems, the girl is not upset and is trying to be strong. On a recent evening to raise funds to combat her illness, she promised: “I promise you that I will never stop fighting. I will always fight for their lives, and to fight for the lives of other patients, to help find a cure. We don’t know how long I’ll live with neurofibromatosis, but I’ll live. I’ll spend my life with the people you love the most”.


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