The US has accused Russia of concealing the use of chemical weapons in Syria

CША обвинили Россию в сокрытии использования химоружия в Сирии

The U.S. permanent representative to the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) Kenneth ward believes that Russia played a key role in hiding evidence after the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Duma in April 2018. The corresponding statement he, as reported by Reuters, was made on Thursday, at the 24th Conference of the States parties to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons (CWC), which runs this week in the Hague.

“Unfortunately, the Russian Federation has played a Central role in this cover-up. Although Russia and Syria are sitting here with us, in a fundamental sense we are apart. They continue to use chemical weapons,” said ward.

“These allegations unconvincing. We don’t agree,” said the statement of the American side, Russia’s permanent representative at the organization of Alexander Shulgin. He again condemned the creation of the OPCW in June of 2018 group to investigate and identify the perpetrators in the use of chemical weapons, calling the decision illegal and politicized. Syrian representatives, in turn, said that they would not cooperate with those conducting the investigation, reports TASS.

Reports of the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Duma on April 7 last year issued a number of non-governmental organizations, including White helmets. The city at that time was held by the rebels. In the result of a chemical attack killed more than 40 people.

Representatives of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties held on 9 April, the survey of the city, but found no trace of the use of chemical weapons. The report of the OPCW on the subject was circulated on 1 March among States members of the organization and handed over to the UN Security Council. It is noted that in the Duma used the toxic chemical chlorine. The document States that the cylinders of chemicals were dropped from the air.

14 April 2018, the US, UK and France without the sanction of the UN Security Council launched a heavy attack on targets in Syria. Washington, London and Paris declared that the strikes are a response to the use of chemical weapons in the Duma. It was the largest bombardment of objects of Bashar al-Assad during the eight years of political crisis and civil war.

In may, the Internet was posted the new document, which bears the name of the OPCW Ian Henderson. It argues that with high probability both cylinders were placed [at the scene] by hand, not dropped from the air. These findings speak in favor of the version of Russia and Syria about the staged nature of the incident, was not included in the final report of the international organization.

According to Reuters, the OPCW has become a diplomatic standoff between the West and Russia after Russia has blocked the UN decision to extend the work of joint investigation teams, vyasnyanka circumstances hematic in Syria with the use of nerve gases chlorine and sarin.


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