First created the substance in the coldest place in the Universe

Впервые создано вещество в самом холодном месте во Вселенной

Scientists at Harvard University held a very cool chemical reaction in the Universe, having diatomic molecules of potassium and rubidium. About it reported in a press release on EurekAlert!

Researchers using ultraviolet laser lowered the temperature of the molecules of potassium-rubidium up to 500 nanokelvins, which corresponds to several millions of fractions of a degree above absolute zero. Cooling to extremely low temperatures helped the molecules to achieve the lowest possible energy state. Low rate of reaction and allowed the specialists to capture the moment of the chemical interaction between two molecules of potassium-rubidium, when the chemical bonds are destroyed to form new ones.

Previously, researchers from the Centre for cold matter cooled matter to millionths of a degree above absolute zero. They managed to put the record on the approximation of the molecules to minimum possible value of the temperature. Scientists said that the temperature of the cooled in this way molecules reached 50-millionth of a degree.

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