A girl with a rare allergic to water can not cry, to sweat and take a shower

The 21-year-old Tessa Hansen-Smith from California — a rare illness called marine urticaria. From childhood, she suffers from a rare Allergy to water where everyday things are transformed into real torture in the blink of an eye. Cost the girl to sweat, to cry or just to take a shower, on the body there is a terrible rash.

Tessa was diagnosed when she was only 10 years — and a world of girls suddenly turned on its head.

“Living with this disease is very difficult. — says she — I’m allergic even to her own tears, saliva and sweat. I can’t go on heat and have to avoid any physical activity”.

“I often suffer from muscle fatigue and nausea: it is enough to simply eat something from the fruit or vegetables with a high percentage of liquid. Even when I drink water, in the language remain wounds.”" width="500" height="502" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"

The girl’s parents noticed that something was wrong when at age 8 she started having a terrible rash after Hiking in the shower. The family thought that’s really just allergies to soap, but it soon became clear that much more serious.

Now Tess takes almost a dozen pills a day to at least partly alleviate their condition — and yet they serve the girl a small consolation. To date, marine urticaria cannot be cured.

“In a sense, marine urticaria is a real psychological challenge. — recognized Hansen-Smith is Hard to take so many drugs every day, knowing that you never really recover”." width="500" height="503" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"

However, despite the difficulties, Tessa tries to get the maximum pleasure from life and hopes that her story will inspire others.

“I’m trying to solve on problem at a time. — she explains — there Are bad days and there are good. If I can spend time with friends and family or go to school, not to escape early because of allergies — it is victory”.


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