“Bloody pipe”: Ukraine announced the loss of meaning

«Клятая труба»: на Украине заявили о потере смыслаUkraine has lost its raison d’être, because attached to the gas pipe, said Ukrainian journalist Alexey Molchanov. In this situation, he accused the elite of the country. Shortly before that a similar opinion was expressed by the millionaire and TV presenter Andrey Palchevsky. While in Russia, on the contrary I agree that we should pay more attention to this issue.

Ukraine is “attached” to a gas pipe and forget about the true meaning of his existence, said Ukrainian journalist and media expert, Alexey Molchanov. According to him, in the pursuit of profit, the Ukrainian elite has ceased to implement domestic and foreign policy plans of the state.

“We have lost the senses! The meaning was this bloody gas pipe. Everything!” — said Molchanov, the TV channel NewsOne.

But, in his opinion, the sense of the continued existence of Ukraine is much deeper than the gas pipe.

Molchanov has noticed that all Ukrainian industry are controlled by Western corporations. He also called Russia a “superpower”, putting that this country has the strongest army and nuclear stockpile. “When we become subjective, then we’ll be able to talk with Russia and the West on more equal levels,” he said.

The millionaire and TV presenter Andrey Palchevsky broadcast NewsOne said that natural gas has become a tool of “molested” Ukraine can become the cause of her death. If President Vladimir Zelensky will achieve peace and solve gas problems of the country, “then everything will go uphill,” he said.

The businessman also expressed the opinion that Ukraine is too “attached to a gas pipe”, which divided the population into rich and poor. “Gas is what has corrupted our government. And that was the main weapon of Russia at the time,” – said Palchevskogo.

In Russia, on the contrary I agree that we should pay more attention to this issue. As noted by the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on energy, Igor Ananskikh, if Ukraine’s gas transportation system will not be loaded with Russian gas, it soon will be dismantled for scrap. He commented on the probable consequences of refusal of Kiev from direct supplies from Russia.

“The people who serve the transportation system, will be on the street, out of work. Kiev is necessary to calculate all direct and indirect losses and understand what is more important — a bird in the hand or pie in the sky”, he explained RT.

The MP believes that the Ukrainian authorities should ask the citizens whether to buy them cheap gas from Russia directly, or pay middlemen.

Shortly before that appeared information that the European Commission recommended Ukraine to return to direct purchases of Russian gas in the amount of 15 billion cubic meters per year. But in the “Naftogaz” has denied these reports. They explained that the EC was advised Gazprom to sign long-term contract with the new Ukrainian operator on a significant volume of gas and by European rules.

Kiev has pledged to make European legislation in the energy sector, for which the company-operator of gas transit should be separate from the extractive companies. According to these standards “Naftogaz” with its current structure may not be a party to the new contract, and the incumbent expires on December 31. When it ends, the Ukrainian company will have to either extend the contract with “Gazprom”, or to enter into new conditions with the newly formed company-transit.

The Russian company has outlined several conditions for the renewal of the contract for the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, one of which is the failure of both parties from mutual claims in the international arbitration and the termination of all judicial proceedings. Moscow also believes that in this case it is necessary to cancel the decision of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on the penalty to “Gazprom” for “violation of economic competition” and to withdraw the petition “Naftogaz” about the initiation of a Commission investigation against a Russian company.

The offer “Gazprom” has sent to the Minister of energy of Ukraine Oleksiy Ariely and Vice-President of the European Commission Maros šefčovič to.

How wrote on his page in Facebook the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV, his company has a claim to “Gazprom” on $22 billion.

And before that Kiev was filed in the Stockholm arbitration claim to $12 billion, the head of the energy Ministry of Russia Alexander Novak called “absurd” and noted that such actions of the Ukrainian side do not contribute to “building relationships between partners”.


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