The main witness in the impeachment trump Gordon Sandland accused of harassment

Главный свидетель по импичменту Трампа Гордон Сондленд обвинен в домогательствах

US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland – a key witness at the hearings on the impeachment of President Donald trump strongly denies the allegations of sexual harassment brought against him by three women.

Testimonies of women published in Portland Monthly and ProPublica. They relate to the period 2003-2009, that is, the events described happened a long time before a successful hotelier Sandland received the highest diplomatic position in the administration trump.

Gordon Sandland was engaged in the hotel business on the US West coast – in Portland and Seattle. All three witnesses had with him a business meeting and now claim that he molested them, and when the “courtship” was rejected, retaliated in different ways.

One of them, Nicole Vogel – the owner of the magazine Portland Monthly. In 2003, she was negotiating with Singledom about the possibility of investing in her business, which had just begun. Now their accusations against him, she published it in his journal, notes the BBC Russian service.

Vogel said that after a business dinner Sandland took her to show my hotel and was invited to go to one of the rooms. According to her, he asked her to hug him, but then grabbed her face and started kissing. She dodged and left the hotel, and later received from Gordon Sandland an email stating that their agreement on investments in the amount of 25 thousand dollars canceled.

Gordon Sandland called the publication a conflict of interest and a blatant violation of journalistic ethics. In addition, in a statement on his personal website, the businessman-diplomat emphasized the links accusing the Democratic party and argues that the publication against him is politically motivated.

In a separate statement, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union for the press also stated that the acts imputed against him do not match his character, and hundreds of employees and colleagues who worked with Singledom for his career in business and politics, can attest to this.

The editors of the magazine Portland Monthly said that Vogel did not interfere in the process of writing and what the journal called for a joint investigation into a reputable non-profit publication ProPublica to obtain an independent assessment of the statements Vogel and other alleged victims.

One of them, Ian Solis, first saw Sandland in 2008, when he came to the interview for the post of specialist in hotel security. A potential employer called she his “new hotel chick” and allegedly slapped her on the buttocks.

Solis signed a contract, and the period of work in the company of Sandland twice, according to her, was subjected to harassment. Once Sandland invited her to his house to assess the collection of paintings there, according to her, bared his penis. The girl recoiled, and trying rather to leave the room, even fell.

Another time in his penthouse, where Sandland called the worker, ostensibly to check security, he began to kiss her without permission.

The third accuser, Natalie Sept, 27 years younger than Sandland. She worked in Portland’s assistant for one of the candidates in the local elections, when the boss introduced her to a prominent businessman. Sandland invited her to dinner to discuss prospects of its future work, for which he promised to give recommendations. At the end of the evening he asked me to hug him and then “pounced on her and tried to forcibly kiss”, is spoken in the publication.

Gordon Sandland said that, since women were silent about the incident for over 10 years and never in all that time did not confronted him (even in the process of his appointment to the administration trump), their claims cannot be trusted. However, journalists found witnesses who Vogel and Solis talked about what happened back then, right after the incident.

All three alleged victims believe that Sandland avenged that rejected him. According to Solis, after fleeing from the penthouse the boss Sandland came to her workplace and “yelled” at her, accusing that it’s disgusting work. Sept Natalie says that after her refusal, Sandland immediately forgot what I was going to help her career.

In an article in ProPublica also provides a statement of Sandland, from which it follows that he looks at business as a way of self-affirmation, including sexually. Once he was asked at the meeting why he was doing business. “It has everything that gives me motivation to get up every morning. (Due to business) get food, wine, fashion items, objects of art, intrigue and sex. You have everything you can dream of,” said Sandland.

The hotelier believes that the charges against him could be put forward for political reasons. “These fake statements about unwanted touching and kissing was invented and, I think, coordinated for political purposes. They have no grounds, and I categorically deny them,” – said Sandland. The lawyer for the diplomat said that all three women tried to establish contact with his client for financial gain, and suggested that they might avenge the Ambassador for what he helped them achieve success in their careers, write “Arguments and facts”.

Also, according to the lawyer, the publication of material from public accusations can be seen as a veiled attempt to put pressure on the witness – now Gordon Sandland is a key witness in the investigation of the case of impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump. In October, the head of the United States admitted that forbade permanent representative to testify because the investigation was compromised. In November, Gordon Sandland still gave evidence to the select Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives. The Democrats regarded as evidence that trump has delayed assistance to Ukraine, seeking political investigations against his opponent Joe Biden and his son hunter. The White house concluded that the testimony of Sandland talking about the innocence of the President of the United States Donald trump.

In any case, the testimony of Sandland put trump, who has also been accused of assaulting dozens of women in a bad light. Sandland actually confirmed that in a conversation with trump said something like: “Zelensky (Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky) lick Your ass (push your ass) and will do anything You ask”.

Gordon Sandland known not only as an entrepreneur but also as a philanthropist. He, in particular, poglavlja the Board of Trustees of the Portland art Museum. One of the stairs there is named in honor of Gordon and his wife, Catherine Durand.


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