In Dominican hospitals after the accident with the bus 21 still remains Russian

В больницах Доминиканы после ДТП с автобусом остается 21 россиянин

In the Dominican Republic a number of Russians injured in a bus accident were discharged from hospitals. 21 citizen of the Russian Federation remains hospitalized. About this TASS was told in travel Agency Anex Tour, clients who are victims.

“At the moment in hospitals there are 21 people, nine of them in intensive care. Today is scheduled a few people,” – said the representative of Anex Tour Valeria Ferapontov.

According to her, relatives of some of the victims arrived in the Dominican Republic. Travel company supports them.

Seven Russian tourists injured in the accident, flew to Moscow. Five more people are preparing to return to Russia, said Thursday the Russian Embassy in Venezuela (part-time in the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic).

“I would like to thank our compatriots residing in the Dominican Republic, and Dominican graduates of Soviet and Russian universities, who learned about the accident and offered their assistance in solving issues,” the statement reads. Earlier, the Dominican press reported that hospitals in the cities of Santo Domingo and Higuey, which brought the victims of the Russians, in need of volunteers who speak Spanish and Russian, to assist patients.

Recall, November 26, a tour bus went off the road and overturned on the way to the airport of La Romana in the Dominican Republic. The bus was carrying 39 Russian tourists, two guides and a driver. The accident injured 27 Russians. In the medical community also said that 15 of them are in critical condition. In addition, severe craniocerebral injury received the citizen of the Dominican Republic, reports El Caribe.

It was reported that the bus driver lost control after sudden braking. Thus he tried to leave from collision with a truck going in the same direction.

Newspaper Diario Libre quotes the eyewitness, Eddie nuñez, who was driving on the highway and was going to overtake a truck just before the accident occurred. According to the driver, he saw in the rearview mirror quickly approaching bus, and therefore did not hurry to overtake.

According to the journalist and musician Eddie Nunez, the bus was ahead of the truck, and the next moment something happened. The bus was tossed from side to side, as if the road was covered with ice.

After the accident, Nunez ran to help the victims. On the road littered with parts of human bodies.

Meanwhile, the transport company Monumental, which owns the wreck on Tuesday, a bus with Russian tourists, claim that the machine meets safety standards and the driver passed the regular medical examination and refresher courses. The carrier on Wednesday quoted a local newspaper Listin Diario.

According to the company, carrying tourists bus of mark Yutong (“Yutong”) 2016 release was technically sound and “has all the safety systems recommended by international standards, including seat belts”.

“The bus driver Santos Beltre is an employee with impeccable directions, he participated in all the trainings that Monumental constantly holds its drivers, as it tests for drugs (marijuana, cocaine, opium, ecstasy and amphetamines) showed a negative result in December 2018, April, and September 2019, and on November 27”, – quotes the edition statement of the company. It also noted that to control the drivers ‘ work using modern technology, including GPS sensors.

As emphasized in Monumental, the accident provoked the truck, which allegedly “moving erratically, moving from one lane to another”. “When he [the truck] left on the right lane, our bus headed down the left, and when passed, was hit near the right rear wheel,” – said in a statement.

The carrier notes that the number of bus passengers can confirm this information. However, núñez claims that the bus crashed into a truck, and then both cars slid off the road.

As noted by Diario Libre, the drivers of the company Monumental repeatedly got in a serious accident. In 2008, this accident killed 23 tourists (most of them Italians), and in the 2015th – 11 Dominicans. More than 50 people were injured, including heavy.

The newspaper said that in 2008, the carrier had another name – FL Tours.

January 2, 2019, the driver of the bus company Monumental lost control and caused a car accident that killed a woman aged 45.


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