Ukraine showed its new cruise missile “Neptune” on the basis of the Soviet missile KH-35 (VIDEO)

Украина показала свою новую крылатую ракету "Нептун" на основе советской ракеты Х-35 (ВИДЕО)

Ukrainian anti-ship cruise missile, the R-complex 360 RC-360МЦ, better known as “Neptune”, November 28 was held a successful test flight to a height of several hundred meters along the specified route.

This subsonic low-altitude missile, designed to destroy both ships and ground targets, was developed on the basis of Soviet missiles X-35, but its large size, greater range and a new control system. To run the missile can from the ships, aircraft and ground-based launchers.

“We first flew more than 250 miles on a given route and altitudes. That is, we can say that today was completed the aircraft with predetermined characteristics,” – said General designer DKB “the Beam” Oleg Korostelev.

As UNIAN reports with reference to Defense Express, next stages of testing will be to test the combat capabilities of the rocket. R-360 needs to be adopted in 2020.

The R-360 has a mass of 870 kg, warhead weight – 150 kg, with a launch range of up to 280 km, speed is about 900 km/h, and flight altitude above the crest of the waves – from 3 to 10 m.

The Neptun provides a simultaneous launch up to 24 missiles (that is, the full salvo of 6 launchers), interval launches the volley from 3 to 5 seconds. The complex can be at a distance of 25 km from the shoreline, and the time required to deploy for up to 15 minutes.


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