Discovered the danger of a new analogue SMS

Обнаружена опасность нового аналога SMS

Operators worldwide have already started to implement a new standard messaging RCS (Rich Communication Services), designed to replace the outdated SMS. However, it appeared that they do is unsafe.

The standard RCS is an online Protocol that allows subscribers to exchange text messages, create group chats, send photos and videos and make video calls.

Experts at the security company SRLabs has discovered a vulnerability associated with the technology for mobile operators. These errors could lead to the leakage of sensitive data, in particular information about the user’s location, his phone number or message content.

One of the operators even found a vulnerability that allows any app to reveal the name of the device owner, password, and history of voice calls and texting.

It is reported that to date, RCS began to use about 100 operators around the world. At which companies were discovered the problem, was not disclosed.

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