In Samara the BMW X6 is filled with feces from the good intentions (video)

В Самаре BMW X6 залили фекалиями – из самых добрых побуждений (видео)

Samara oblast became the place where the unfolded conflict as dramatic, and equally curious. The owner of a burning BMW X6 was good-bye to her car, but drove past the vacuum machine, and… happiness was durovernum. In General, the most nervous and impressionable better not to look.

Controversial video of the incident appeared in social networks. Apparently, the ignition of the BMW X6 began with the engine compartment, which after the opening of the hood was objeet flame. It is known that the owner of the SUV, only when smoke is detected, immediately called emergency services, but, most likely, they would be ripe at the finish, if…

If not for a good Samaritan from Samara septic system on KAMAZ – help, he volunteered, and with what was literally at hand, and there’s Bavarian crossover had obviously not sweet: it is necessary to believe that special vehicle transported in your gut exactly what it should carry in accordance with its purpose. And shooting clearly shows that the hose KAMAZ gushing typical swill almost black in color, and eyewitnesses say that close the smell was just unbearable.

В Самаре BMW X6 залили фекалиями – из самых добрых побуждений (видео)

On the one hand, the owner of an expensive SUV should rejoice in the wonderful salvation of the vehicle, on the other – that salvation was somehow too extreme: it is difficult to rejoice in the fact that your car, especially such pathetic, in the literal sense, fucked. But life once again has demonstrated that reality is sometimes surprising even the most sophisticated and comical fiction.

Whether you take at least one wash or dry clean continue to a good cause and bring salvation to the BMW X6 to its logical conclusion, is not specified. But it is obvious that with the subsequent resale of the crossover, which has become infamous thanks to videos of eyewitnesses, will be quite some problems.


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