Nightmare and dream. Scientists have figured out why we dream bad dreams

Кошмар во сне и наяву. Ученые выяснили, зачем нам снятся плохие сны

For our health, it turns out, are important not only the duration and quality of sleep, but what we see in dreams.

A team of scientists from the University of Geneva has published an article entitled “Fear in the dream and in wakefulness: evidence of affective homeostasis day/night”. Experts conducted two experiments for detailed analysis of brain activity of a sleeping person. During one of them they found two areas in the cortex of the brain associated with feelings of fear during sleep is the cingulate gyrus and the islet.

The island is called the structure of the brain associated with the formation of consciousness and emotions. Cingulate gyrus is the part of the brain responsible for behavior and motor responses in a situation of danger. It was known beforehand that these areas activated when experiencing fear in reality. Now, scientists have managed to prove that these same areas of cortex activated during nightmares.

During the second experiment, psychiatrists and neurologists with the help of special equipment found that people who saw in a dream a nightmare, during wakefulness, less worried, when they showed the unpleasant image.

Scientists came to the conclusion that there is a clear link between experiences during sleep and response to stress during waking hours.

Thus, frightening dreams literally necessary to man. With nightmares during sleep, the brain prepares itself to reactions to “nightmare” in reality.

But the nightmares there is another feature about it on radio Sputnik said the specialist neuro-logopedic centre “over the rainbow”, the neuropsychologist Kubat of Kanimetov:

“Bedtime should be treated as the mirror of life, therefore, cannot be dismissed as nightmares and positive dreams. If we talk about medicine, then a nightmare associated with negative experiences that one feels during real life. There are nightmares that are caused solely by physical health, medical conditions. Nightmares can occur in case of thyroid diseases, in the case of hormonal disruptions. In addition, in the modern world people have little sleep, but still sleeping poorly. Despite the fact that people can sleep 8-10 hours, the amount of deep sleep a small. During the measurements it appears that the person is not getting enough sleep, and therefore not resting his body is not saturated with new forces”, — the expert explains.

The lack or poor quality of sleep is indeed a problem of the modern world. A recent study showed that only every third Russian sleeping the recommended eight hours. And lack of sleep can lead to tragic consequences, such as obesity, risk of heart attack and stroke, but also to the destruction of the brain.

The quality of sleep without nightmares neuropsychologist Kubat of Kanimetov recommends that you adhere to the basic rules is the adherence, avoiding harmful habits and a healthy lifestyle. The most that neither is a simple thing, but how hard it is to stick.

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