In the US there were stimulating for walking boot robot

В США появился стимулирующий к пешим прогулкам багажный робот

The first in the consumer market robot for transporting Luggage went on sale in the United States. This was reported by the TV station NTD.

It is noted that the robot Citta Italian company Piaggio will follow the master around and to transport cargoes, while people will just enjoy the ride.

The robot “fixes attention” on its owner with the help of cameras and sensors. Jetta weighs 22 kg, and costs $3250.

According to the creators, Citta can be a good alternative to the car.

“It’s a robot that lets you become a pedestrian. Instead of taking the car keys, you can go for a walk with Jittai,” said co-founder of Piaggio Jeffrey Shnapp.

The experts doubt that many Americans really decide to abandon the car in favor of such robots.

29 October it became known that the Russian robot “Fyodor” was not able to use Google search engine due to the fact that it is not tested on robots.


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