Mom shared a photo of her daughter, who was being treated from cancer

Mama Sofia Soto took this picture at a time when her 14-month-old girl was hooked up equipment to my chest.

Sofia was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma after her eyes and found the kidney tumor. The girl’s mother Rosie (40 years) decided to share a picture in an attempt to draw attention to the traumatic reality of pediatric Oncology. Talking about this picture, Rosie from Florida, USA says: “a Photo of a crying Sofia demonstrates the reality of pediatric Oncology. During treatment, her chest hooked up equipment. Of course, she didn’t want that, so Sofia looks so upset. Now, when I look at this picture, I wonder how I did it; it was so hard to see my little girl sick”.

Hoping I can give those hope!Click on the story to read more.Michelle Tremblay Reese took the photo, amazing what photo that was capture turn into a story.

Geplaatst door Sophia Soto op Donderdag 28 november 2019

Rosie first suspect that Sophia is something wrong after her near my eye started to bruise. And only when the mother took the daughter to the specialist eye specialist, it was found that the appearance of bruises are tumors.

Rosie recalls: “Sophia continued to bruises around the eyes, but I didn’t remember that she fell or something like that, so I didn’t understand where they’re coming from. I continued to drive her to the doctor because the bruises never went away, but the doctors said that probably it hits something or falls. Sofia did not conduct a scan or a biopsy while we didn’t go see the optometrist, who immediately realized that the reason is tumors. She was sent for an MRI where the scan revealed black spots, confirming a tumor behind the eyes. The biopsy made it possible to find another tumor on one of her kidneys that gave doctors the opportunity to diagnose with stage 4 neuroblastoma”.

Neuroblastoma is a rare type of cancer that usually affects infants and children.

After in March 2014 she was diagnosed, at that time, 14-month-old girl passed 60 cycles of chemotherapy, 20 radiation therapy and stem cell transplant in 6 months. Sophia is now 6 years old and 5 years she was in remission. Now she does not like her photo taken by the mother during treatment.

In November 2014, she entered remission, and she’s off her meds for 2 years. Not to say that Sofia had been cured of cancer, so every six months she is checked from the experts.

The girl still left the tumor behind the eyes that cannot be removed due to their location, but doctors believe the tumor is benign and does not cause Sofia much damage. Rosie explained: “the Doctors do not want to remove the tumor behind the eyes of Sofia, because I think that the surgery would disfigure her face. Although this tumor, doctors believe that they are not cancerous, so we decided not to do the surgery, but you may have to hold her when she’s older”.

Now Sofia is not to say that she recovered from cancer. Cheerful girl loves to dance and hopes to someday become a veterinarian. Rosie says: “no One can imagine what she went through, looking at it now. It looks like a normal child. Sometimes she asks questions about the scars left after the treatment, but overall she’s pretty happy child. If I could say something to other parents whose children receive cancer treatment, I would have told them not to give up, stay positive and continue to believe. It is very important not to compare their child with others because everyone is struggling with illness in different ways because every situation is different. We are very happy that Sofia now feels great, we are very lucky that she’s such a fighter”.


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