The Dutch police after 30 years of trying to solve a murder, opened documentary podcast in the hope to help the population

Полиция Нидерландов после 30 лет попыток раскрыть убийство открыло документальный подкаст в надежде на помощь населения

Полиция Нидерландов после 30 лет попыток раскрыть убийство открыло документальный подкаст в надежде на помощь населения

In the case of a mysterious murder in the Dutch city of Naarden 65-year-old man from Eastern Europe, which the police could not disclose for nearly 30 years, there may be important clues and evidence, thanks to the first in the Netherlands documentary detective podcast.

In the hope to help the population, the investigators went to experiment. Podcast broken up into several episodes, have listened to thousands of people, and now they constantly send police a variety of tips. Listeners across the country every day call the police and report that, in their opinion, could be related to this murder.

The police did not disclose the details of these calls, but acknowledge that some people really said something useful, reports the BBC Russian service.

In August 1991 in the Netherlands near a busy road was discovered wrapped in an electric blanket the body of a man with stab wounds on the chest. No the murdered is not revealed, and the body badly decomposed. Witnesses of the murder have not been declared. The photo of the victim police to publish could not, because the corpse much decayed, therefore, to identify the identity of the victim could not. Was not found and a suspect in the murder.

And now investigators hope to solve the crime with the first in the Netherlands documentary podcast. As told the investigator Johan Baath investigating this case, the body of an unknown man “was carefully opened, and was all recorded in photographs and records.”

But the technique of DNA analysis, then still in its infancy, its capabilities were limited. To help identify the criminals then demanded much more biological material, DNA database did not exist. “We were content with the available features, such as fingerprints, but the fingerprints of the victim in the Dutch database was not found, and international searches yielded nothing,” says a police detective.

Although in the 1990-ies of the murder solve rate in the Netherlands amounted to about 90%, the case became a cold case.

Studying the clothes of the deceased also gave nothing, and the blanket he was wrapped, was produced in Germany in the 60-ies – in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, such blankets are sold by the thousands.

The only clue was a Golden ring on the finger of men. The investigators found that the ring was purchased in the company of Otto, sending the goods by mail, and found all buyers. One of them said he sold his ring to some Turku at the Amsterdam bar. It turned out that the person who bought the ring, almost every day went to the bar, but his identity and failed.

The case has been on the shelf for more than two decades, but a couple of years ago it renewed, the remains are studied with the help of new technologies and reconstructed the victim’s face. It turned out that at the time of death the victim was about 65 years and he was a native of Eastern Europe. But since in addition, no new facts appeared, it was decided to present the details of the case public, launching a podcast in Dutch.

Coordinator of the Department of unsolved crimes Rob boon said that the main goal of the podcast is to establish the identity of the victim and after 28 years to inform relatives about the incident, and “the second task is to find the killer and give him or her on trial.”

The investigators expect that listeners of the podcast can “give something that can make the police, they can make assumptions that are not permissible police”.


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