Called seasoning, exciting sexy women

Spanish scientists came to the conclusion that the taste of popular Indian seasonings increases the libido of women. Allegedly has a similar effect, one of the variations of curry.

Названа приправа, сексуально возбуждающая женщин

The study involved women, the youngest of whom was over forty, and the oldest over sixty years. For two months they twice a day, eat a pill that contains fenugreek (Trigonélla foénum-graécum) is a plant, also known as the Greek fenugreek, fenugreek or Shambhala. It is often used instead of a plant leaf Murraya Koenig for making curry. Among other components of Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo bilŏba)

Experts say that the previously identified benefits of fenugreek for men’s potency and increase sperm count. On Ginkgo was also known that it increases the sexual appetite. The new study also showed that women after forty years of the pill with the extract of these plants increased libido, frequency of orgasm and satisfaction with sexual life in General.

Recently, many studies were devoted to another important component of curry — turmeric. In particular, it was shown that the inhabitants of the regions where the dishes with turmeric popular, less likely to collide with Alzheimer’s disease and other similar diseases. Recently, Japanese scientists conducted an experiment that showed that people, for a year and a half at least twice a week and eats food 90 milligrams of turmeric significantly improves memory and attentiveness. And scientific work, written by specialists from the USA of the USA under the leadership of Jorge Barrio of the University of California-Los Angeles found that a substance in turmeric, can help protect people from mental decline in old age and helps improve mood.


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