China imposed sanctions against the United States for the adoption of the law on human rights in Hong Kong

Китай ввел санкции против США за принятие закона о правах человека в Гонконге

China imposed restrictive measures against the United States after the adoption of the law on Hong Kong. This was stated by official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Hua Chunying. Under the sanctions were a number of American non-governmental organizations, including Human Rights Watch, NDI and Freedom House.

“Recently, the United States adopted the law “On the protection of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong”, ignoring the protest of China, this was a serious violation of international law and basic norms of international relations (…) Beijing in this regard, expressed its strong protest,” said the diplomat, quoted by RIA “Novosti”. In addition, China has suspended consideration of requests for visits to the Hong Kong courts, the air force and the U.S. Navy. These measures were a response to the adoption by Washington of the law in Hong Kong. “When this is over, depends on further steps the United States” – the diplomat said.

Previously approved by both houses of the U.S. Congress a legislative initiative requires the us administration to regularly report to lawmakers on the situation in this region of China and provides the possibility of introducing sanctions against persons who, in the opinion of Washington, are liable for infringement of there human rights. In addition, the American leader has signed the law prohibiting the export of specialized police equipment from the US to Hong Kong to American lethal weapons to disperse the demonstrators was not used by local law enforcement.

The Chinese foreign Ministry, the signing of the law called it a serious interference in the Affairs of Hong Kong and China’s internal Affairs and a violation of international law and basic norms of international relations. “The U.S. Congress openly interferes in China’s internal Affairs, neglects the facts, exaggerating, condones and supports violent crime and chaos from the anti-Chinese forces, which grossly violates international law and basic norms of international relations. The Chinese side expresses in connection with this deep indignation and declares the protest”, – said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of China Zheng Caiguan.

The Deputy Minister urged the us side “to immediately correct mistakes, to stop the bill about Hong Kong and to stop any application and intervention in the Affairs of Hong Kong and China’s internal Affairs”. “Otherwise the whole responsibility for the consequences will fall on the American side,” warned Zheng Zaguan.

In turn, the Hong Kong government also protested against the decision of the American administration. The regional authorities regret that the United States “a lot of times ignored the concern of Hong Kong about these two bills.” “These bills are a clear interference in the internal Affairs of Hong Kong, where there is no need and reason and which can only hurt the relations and interests of the United States and Hong Kong”, the statement reads. The position of the Eastern colleagues fully supported in Moscow.

Washington took measures against the background of mass unrest in Hong Kong. Since June, residents of the special administrative region took to the streets to protest against a law that allows the extradition of offenders to mainland China. In late October, the Hong Kong authorities withdrew the bill, but the demonstrations continued. Protesters demand the release of detainees and to modernize the electoral system.

On 30 November, the UN high Commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet urged the Hong Kong authorities to investigate the use of force by police to disperse protests. The permanent mission of China to an international organization, her statement was considered “inappropriate comment” that could push demonstrators to more radical acts of violence.


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