“We need to get along with Russia”: what decided him and trump

«Надо ладить с Россией»: что решили Макрон и ТрампThe President of France Emmanuel macron met with the head of the USA Donald Ladder during the NATO summit in London. Politicians had a lot to discuss, most recently, the French leader said in an interview on the “brain death to NATO” and questioned the reliability of Washington as a partner. Trump expressed his displeasure with this statement, however, the meeting of the leaders was, apparently, quite peaceful. The parties came to agreement on some key issues and one of them is relations with Russia.

3 December, London opened the NATO summit. Tuesday — a significant date — the 70th anniversary of the military Alliance. The venue of the summit chosen by chance — that London was the city where was located the first headquarters of the organization. However, the mood of the NATO members is not a holiday. The anniversary of the Alliance, they meet amid strained contradictions and reflections of journalists on the crisis of NATO.

However, the London protests against the policies of NATO and the United States in the world. The British came to Trafalgar square to Express dissatisfaction with the actions of the Alliance in the Middle East and Latin America.

The Central event of the summit meeting of U.S. President Donald trump and the President of France Emmanuel Makron. Due to the acclaimed recent interview to the last, in which he declared “brain dead NATO”, namely the negotiations of the two leaders were indicator of the contradictions inside the Alliance. “It is insulting to a number of forces,” said trump at a press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Thus, apparently, politicians have been able to find common ground. At least to show the differences after the meeting, the presidents did not.

The head of the White house, for example, has agreed with his French counterpart that NATO should show greater flexibility in responding to threats and challenges, rather than focusing on one Russian direction.

“We are with President [Macron], I think, feel the need for more flexibility, we both agree on this issue, said trump. — Many say that it [NATO] was originally intended to monitor the Soviet Union and now Russia. But there are other things that must follow: it is radical Islamic terrorism, and the incredible rise of China, there are many other things.”

In an interview with the Economist, the French leader had earlier said that NATO is in a coma, as coordination on strategic decisions between the United States and allies is completely absent. In addition, Emmanuel macron said that Europe “needs to Wake up” and stop relying on the United States, particularly in matters of building a dialogue with Moscow. And, it is worth noting, on this subject, the White house did not demonstrate differences.

“I think we need to get along with Russia. This is good if we get along with Russia,” said Donald trump during a meeting with the Macron.

The American leader added that the Alliance “must always be ready to [possible confrontation], be it Russia or anyone else”.

The French leader, in turn, continues to insist on his vision of further relations with Moscow. “If we want stability in Europe, it is extremely important to start a strategic dialogue with Russia,” said macron’s meeting with trump.

At the same time, the head of the White house have expressed their dissatisfaction with the statement of Macron. Their outrage trump expressed almost immediately, arriving at the summit, which, incidentally, has led many to expect that his meeting with the Macron will be held in a raised voice.

At a press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the US President lashed out at his French counterpart.

“France is not in very good economic situation, they have a difficult situation. This is a tough statement when you have such difficulties in France. Let’s see what happens with the “yellow jackets”, it is impossible to make such statements. It is disrespectful,” said trump on arrival at the NATO summit, adding that France as no one else needs NATO.

However, the macron during a meeting with head of the White house, did not abandon his words. He confirmed his opinion about “brain death to NATO”, adding that he considers it necessary to clarify the strategy of the Alliance.

However, the contradictions between the leaders of the countries participating in NATO — a serious test for the Alliance. Did not disappear, for example, dissatisfaction trump a Macron over a digital tax, which affected U.S. tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. This theme, as expected, was also raised during the meeting between the two leaders. However, the French leader has shown perseverance in this matter.

“I am committed to the protection of our interests,” said macron adding, however, that the digital tax is not directed specifically against American corporations.

Not too happy with the American leader and the fact that, in his opinion, not all European allies to make sufficient contributions to the budget of the unit. And this topic certainly also will be widely discussed during the summit.

According to trump, all NATO members should strive to increase their spending on Alliance to 2% of GDP. Now, besides the U.S., this norm is met only eight countries. Most move slowly enough to trump the desired result. Them American head already attacked during his press conference with a Macron.

“We have many discussed the situation and we will discuss it in the near future with other countries. Most of them are now increasing contributions to the NATO budget. Those who do not, we have to speak differently and to apply measures in trade. As regards trade, our capabilities are very high, — said trump. — If you are cashing in at the expense of the United States, and then not pay the bills, it’s not good.”

A few days before the summit, the US announced a reduction of its contributions to NATO, which was, by and large, demonstrative measure. Overall, the unpredictability of the American leader enhances the tension among the Alliance members.

In September, NBC, citing sources, reported that former national security Advisor of the United States John Bolton, in his personal conversation said that trump may withdraw from all international communities and alliances in the occasion of your reelection as President. About such intentions of the White house reported The News York Times.

But anyway, from the American leader and his allies is not the first time I hear criticism and questions about the feasibility of the Alliance. This time much more discontent was shown by the President of France than, for word, introduced discord not only in NATO but in the European Union.

His statement was badly accepted by Berlin. As reported by foreign media, the Chancellor of Germany even expressed his dissatisfaction with the Macron during lunch, on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

“I understand your desire for destructive politics — NYT quotes the words Merkel. But I tired to pick up the pieces. Again and again I have you to glue the broken Cup, so we can then sit down and drink some tea.”

Of course, even worse than the words of the French leader took in Eastern European NATO members, and Ukraine. Countries insisting on the fact that Russia carries threat to them, hardly relished the arguments of the Makron that the real threat comes not from Moscow on the East, and from terrorists in the South.

But in the South the French leader met with misunderstanding. His statement led to a public conflict with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“The President of France, Mr. macron, I say to you in Turkey, and I will say to NATO: first, check your own head on the subject of brain death,” — said the other day Erdogan.

The foreign Ministry of France said that the words of the Turkish leader regarded as an insult, the Ministry has also summoned the Ambassador of Turkey.

Leaders will now meet on the sidelines of the summit and personally Express their dissatisfaction with each other. However, as reported by Politico, Emmanuel macron has already warned the German Chancellor that I can’t at the summit “to sit and act like nothing happened”, referring to the operation of Turkey in Northern Syria.

In October, Ankara launched a military operation in the North of Syria, without the approval of their NATO allies. Turkey’s actions were directed against Kurdish forces, which the Turkish side considers to be a terrorist, while the coalition headed by the USA they were the main allies in the war with Islamic radicals.

Turkey’s behaviour has irritated all of the countries participating in NATO. However, to wash dirty linen in public in the Alliance is not accepted. Makron his statement, broke this unspoken rule that led to much greater consequences than sarcastic tweets trump on “nahlebnichestve” the European members of the bloc.

The French leader wanted to provoke partners in the Alliance and he succeeded, perhaps even more than he had hoped. Suffered as a result of France’s relations with the United States, Germany and Turkey.

However, despite the results, the French leader tried to convey what becomes more apparent to Europeans — the United States ceases to be a reliable ally. This is demonstrated by the withdrawal of Washington’s troops from Syria, depriving the Kurds of support and untied the hands of Turkey, and the US withdrawal from important international treaties in the sphere of security — AGREEMENT on Iran and the INF Treaty. The consequences of such decisions, especially in terms of the nuclear deal, we have to understand Europe.

During the meeting with trump, the French leader apparently outlined his American counterpart that he has to deal with the results of his decisions.

“In connection with the decision to stop the INF Treaty, we must build new things on a new basis… we Need to understand what the new nature of relations with Russia. I want in these negotiations the voice of Europe was considered that it was part of this new agreement,” said macron at a press conference with the President of the United States.

The President of the United States, in turn, said about the possibility of reaching agreement with Russia in nuclear disarmament.

“As for nuclear weapons, I talked to President [Vladimir] Putin, we are in contact with him. We want, and he is reluctant to conclude a nuclear agreement, which at some stage may include China, and I hope your country (France) and some other countries”, — quotes the head of the American administration TASS.

It is worth noting that the conflict with Washington steel, in particular, the result of the ambitions of the French President, who seeks to play the role of first violin in the main international political processes. For the Makron such provocative statements are a way to establish itself as a policy of the new time, which is not afraid to speak the truth and challenge the main issues. However, how these aspirations will be met in the European Union and NATO — is unknown.


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