Scientists have uncovered the mortal danger of fatty foods

Ученые раскрыли смертельную опасность жирной пищи

Saturated fats diet may cause prostate cancer. To such conclusion experts of the Medical research centre at McGill University (Canada).

Scientists have studied the diet of 319 patients and came to the conclusion that the consumption of saturated fats simulates excessive expression of oncogene MYC, and exacerbates the development of prostate cancer.

So, saturated fats in excess provoke the reprogramming of cells, which in turn accelerates the progression of the disease and increases the probability of death. The reduction in the proportion of saturated fats in the diet contributes to slowing the development of prostate cancer in the initial stages.

It turned out that the respondents who consumed saturated fats in large numbers, the probability of dying from prostate cancer was four times higher than in people who consumed less fatty foods.

“In patients with diagnosed prostate cancer, the prostate contains both tumor cells and healthy. We have proved that consumption of saturated fats is affected solely on transcription factors tumor tissue”, — quotes the words of one of the authors of the study Dr. David labbé MedicalXpress.

Saturated fats are found in particular in red meat, palm and coconut oils, and dairy products.

Earlier in November, experts have called food habits that contribute to weight gain, despite exercise. One of these scientists found the meal in front of the TV or computer.


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